The 75th Hunger Games did not go according to plan.

When President Corialanus Snow's plan to reap previous victors for the Quarter Quell endangered rebellion figurehead Katniss Everdeen, District Thirteen struck. A guerrilla breakout in the week before the Games successfully freed Everdeen and nearly half the victors, taking them to Thirteen, while leaving the rest in the clutches of the Capitol and an enraged President Snow.

The Games must go on. In light of this unprecedented show of disloyalty, President Snow has chosen to remind the Districts of the Capitol's power, and punish those he feels are responsible: the victors.

The districts who are now missing tributes will have them reaped from the friends and family of the victors in Thirteen. Those who fled have been given a choice--turn themselves in, or watch their loved ones die in their place.

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